Welcome to the Grad Central recruiting and job board frequently asked questions section. If you have a query regarding our job board interface or more general online recruitment questions then you may find the answers in this section. You will find answers relating to our new job board interface along with more commonly asked questions relating to recruiting graduates and recruiting new employees in general. If you cannot find the answer to your specific query then send your question to us using the form in our   section and one of our graduate recruitment experts will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Our most commonly asked questions include:

How do I use the new Grad Central jobs board interface?

What are the benefits of using job boards rather than conventional recruitment methods?

How do I collate the job board data that I receive?

What are the best practices when advertising job vacancies online?

How do I attract candidates when I advertise vacancies online?

How much job description detail should I give when advertising vacancies?

Should you supply an application form or request CV's when job vacancy advertising?

What are the best practices when I advertise job vacancies to graduates?

What job role benefits should I mention when I advertise vacancy posts?

Are there any best practices when conducting job interviews after you advertise recruitment?

How do I choose the right candidate after I advertise a job vacancy?

How do I make a job offer to the successful recruitment advertisement candidate?

How do I ensure that new employees are happy in their work after I advertise job vacancy posts?

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