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Flexible careers for graduate level skills

Looking for a career can often be a daunting task – not knowing exactly which direction to take or not having a huge choice of opportunities, or finding yourself unemployed following a successful career with heaps of skills and talent to put to good use. At Grad Central we’ve recognised this dilemma coupled with the needs of employers for higher level temporary resourcing – to fill skills gaps, or just to test out graduate level skills in their business. So Grad Temps from Grad Central has been launched – the first dedicated graduate temp service for the Midlands.

If you think of Grad Temps think about opportunities to test your skills, to learn a range of new commercial skills and to make an impact on a range of organisations. Think about flexibility, think about having the opportunity to build a range of new skills and to either make a career of temping, if variety is what you want, or to have the chance to find out what role really suits you best.

Join our Grad Temps group on LinkedIn and become part of a unique grad temp community – where we’ll let you know about exciting new temporary contract roles, share advise and guidance on how to make a success of temping, and provide you with a place to learn and share experiences with your peers. Its a place to gain the edge when it comes to landing your temp role, to get noticed and to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the temp world for graduate level talent.

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